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Julia Douglass Meadows
Phone: 832-794-0646
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What to expect on the first visit?

During our first meeting I will gather information on family, social and medical history. We will identify the main issue and reason that has brought you to therapy.?? Together we will explore your goals for therapy and clarify any concerns you may have. The first session also provides you an opportunity to get to know me and determine if my style and experience fits your needs.

How long does therapy last?

The length of therapy is dependent upon several factors: life circumstance, motivation, level of commitment and complexity of issues. For some 5 sessions focusing on short term solutions is sufficient while others may invest more time in seeking personal growth.

How often do people attend sessions?

I usually meet with clients on a weekly or twice a month basis as I find this to be the optimal interval to maintain a good rhythm and momentum for change.?? Additionally, with children, too much time elapsed between sessions is counterproductive as they tend to forget the material learned in previous meetings.?? Once clients feel they have achieved a certain level of progress they may choose to attend on a once a month or every two months basis, for follow-up.

Who seeks therapy?

People seeking therapy are often motivated to achieve meaningful changes in their lives in order to improve overall well-being.?? So whether you are undergoing a life transition, overcoming a loss, trauma, or seeking to help your child improve focus and academic performance???therapy may be of benefit to you and your family.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy

Play Therapy

???Children communicate their thoughts and feelings through play more naturally than they do through verbal communication. As the child plays, the therapist begins to recognize themes and patterns or ways of using the materials that are important to the child. Over time, the clinician helps the child begin to make meaning out of the play.??? (Encyclopedia for Mental Health website)

Play therapy is an effective vehicle for the child to communicate and understand their feelings and needs.?? Through this process therapists are able to teach children effective coping skills and work through any history of trauma.

Play therapy combined with behavioral interventions can be an effective treatment option to address symptoms if ADHD.?? Behavioral interventions can help ADHD children learn study skills, anger management and impulse control.

During the first session I meet with parents to learn as much as possible about the nature of the child???s problems.?? In subsequent meetings I work with the child individually for the majority of the session and then I meet with parents to discuss progress and explore current functioning at home and school.

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