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Julia Douglass Meadows
Phone: 832-794-0646
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Imagine a life no longer over run by fear, sadness, anger or stress.?? Imagine how you may relate better to those in your life. Imagine what you would gain from setting aside some time to examine patterns in your life and build new tools and perspectives to effectively deal with whatever comes your way.

Meadows Counseling Center
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Whether you are looking for practical solutions to your problems, or are searching for a greater understanding and insight about your self, therapy can be a wonderful resource to help you reach your goals. Within the therapy process you find a caring and non-judgmental atmosphere that??allows you to feel safe in disclosing sensitive information about yourself and developing new solutions. Therapy can also bring about a reduction in anxiety, depression relief, better coping skills and resolution of family conflict.?? Most importantly, it may be the first step in finding hope.

The goal of Meadows Counseling Center is to empower each individual to feel capable of making choices and decisions in order to live a more productive and fulfilling life by providing eclectic, insightful, and quality individual, family and group therapy.